These General Terms and Conditions of Business apply to the purchase of products in the E-Shop of the company Love your Neighbour (hereinafter called “LYN”) and for all information, documents, graphics, films for which music and/or other services which are rendered for you in the E-Shop or LYN. 

Purchase Orders and Withdrawal

Buyer shall issue a purchase order for goods to seller on Acceptance of a purchase order by seller is expressly limited to the terms of the Purchase Order and to these Terms and Conditions. Seller will forward a written acceptance of the purchase order via e-Mail and attach more details. The written order-confirmation only informs you that the purchase order was received. The purchase contract does not come into effect until the payment by the buyer was made and the product was sent out. You will receive another e-mail with the shipping confirmation. Products that were ordered in the purchase order but are not listed in the shipping confirmation are not part of the purchase contract.

If the goods are not available, despite the acceptance of your order, then we shall be entitled to withdraw from the agreement. In this event we undertake to inform you without delay about the non-availability of the ordered goods; if your credit card, your PayPal account or your bank account has already been debited, then we shall reimburse the payment price without delay. Order quantities must correspond to standard household quantities. 

The drawings, depictions, images, pattern collections, details, technical data, dimension and performance descriptions shown by LYN E-Shop are non-binding and may deviate from the final product. Product amendments remain reserved. 

In order to make full use of LYN E-Shop, which also includes the placing of articles in the shopping cart and the payment procedure, you must ensure that your browser settings permit both cookies as well as pop-ups. 

LYN E-Shop is operated by LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR, a company officially registered under Swiss law with the following address: LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR GmbH, Arova - Halle D / Winterthurerstrasse 721, CH-8247 Flurlingen ZH

If you send ideas, remarks, questions, data, graphics or similar to LYN E-Shop, then these shall become the exclusive property of Love your Neighbour. The contributions shall not be considered to be confidential, and we may use or publish these in any manner possible, without obligations or informing you. The contributions or any other type of information which you send to us should not constitute or contain any offensive, pornographic, defamatory, blasphemous or unlawful material that breaches any existing law, whether civil, criminal or religious. You confirm that all the material which you send to us is your property, and that you have not copied this wholly or in part from any third party. Please do not send us any material which is to be handled confidentially. 

Reservation of title 

We reserve the title to the object of the purchase, up until the comprehensive payment of all claims arising out of the delivery agreement. 

Promo Articles 
All items that are reduced in the context of a promotion or sale are excluded from return. Depending on the situation, it can be decided whether a change of size is possible. Please contact for this purpose. The decision lies with Love Your Neighbour GmbH. The delivery time of promo items can take up to four weeks, this is no reason to withdraw from the sales contract.

Workshops / Events
If a workshop or event for which tickets have been sold cannot take place, there are two options:

1.) The workshop/event had to be cancelled through the fault of LYN GmbH:

- An alternative date is offered or

- There is no alternative date and you will be refunded the full price

2.) The workshop/event had to be cancelled due to force majeure:

- An alternative date will be offered or

- There is no alternative date and we will look into the individual case to see what solutions we can offer you. Please contact us at

Defect warranty and liability 

The guarantee period for all products available for purchase at LYN E-Shop is 1 month from the day on which the goods leave our premises. In the event of a guarantee claim, the products must be presented directly to LYN. The cost of return consignments shall be borne by the customer. The guarantee extends to all defects which appear during the agreed guarantee period, insofar as these are demonstrably attributable to poor material or defective manufacture. At the choice of the guarantor, the liability shall however be limited to the repair, the replacement or the reimbursement of the invoice sum of the defective goods. Further claims of the buyer shall be excluded. In particular, LYN shall not be liable for damages attributable to improper utilisation or natural wear, or for damages which do not arise in the object of the delivery itself (consequential harm caused by a defect). Any amendments or repair work performed without our consent or the written consent of the manufacturer as well as failure to adhere to the General Terms and Conditions of Business shall abrogate the warranty liability.

Data protection 

All personal data shall be handled in a confidential manner. The data required to settle the business transaction shall be stored and shall be forwarded to affiliated companies only within the framework of the settlement of the order.

Applicable law and place of jurisdiction 

All legal agreements are governed exclusively by Swiss law. 

The place of jurisdiction is Schaffhausen, Switzerland.